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My story

I’m a bush coast chick from the Peninsular that has been visiting the Surf Coast since I was a kid. I have always loved the ocean and sunshine but paradoxically have always loved the fast lane and bright lights of the city too. I am full of paradoxes which I reckon is part of the wonderful human experience.

I love an adventure & adapting to new places and experiences but I also love being at home, getting creative and pottering. I was one of those kids that loved to perform for the neighbors;head swung out the window playing a violin or singing them a song while they were trying to enjoy their morning coffee. They never seemed to mind.

I have always loved debating, public speaking & producing events that look & feel awesome. I have had enough reflection in my life to know & accept that I am a character & a natural front woman- this is my dharma. I have produced and performed in some incredible productions for Burning Man in the States, The Fringe, other festivals & various cabarets here in Oz. I have hosted and MCd a wide array of spectacular events from Werribee Zoo to Sustainable Galas & family fun events.

I’m pretty earthy and love kindness, imagination, fun immersive experiences that let’s people love being holistic, eating well and staying pretty active in my body. I love to dance and pretty much get off on expression through movement, drama, connection, voice & ceremony. I am on a curious journey to always better myself through any bit of self development work that resonates.

I love our shared humanity and am very interesting in finding ways i can raise my awareness and creative full potential. I used to belt out an outstanding ‘Hit the Road Jack and don’t you come back’' to an unrivaled old school rattle that was as deep and resounding as the bar-atoned church bell.

I am a joyful, warm & creative person @ the heart of it that loves an adventure! I am a performer/producer & facilitator for spectacular events. I am a traveler, an entrepreneur and have a passion for celebrating others! I am a story teller, run the Surf Coast Travelling Drama Club and am an illustrator. Lucinda Light umbrellas my most divine offerings.